Welcome to Mom Sets The Table!

A table can be set with romantic candles, hand crafted china, and crystal glasses to reflect a romantic atmosphere.  Or it can be lined with coffee and pastries to create a cozy feeling when friends come over.

In the same way, as wives and mothers we set the tone not only in our homes but also in our relationships.

The atmosphere we set with our presence can be positive or negative.

Our mission is to encourage, inspire, and empower moms to set the tone in their homes by being intentional in their marriages, parenting with a purpose, and fulfilling the vision God has for them.

Proverbs 24:3 By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established

What can you expect from us:


You’re welcome!  No annoying advertisement videos you will have to sit through or pop-ups that you will have to close out of every fifteen seconds.  On occasion, we do recommend a product or a service but we do not get paid for those endorsements.   You can be sure our recommendations are genuine and not something we get paid to say.  Also 10% of all proceeds from Mom Sets The Table Merchandise goes to helping moms in need.


We are sharing real tips, tricks, and encouragement.  You will not find Pinterest perfect moms here. Most of us have dirty living rooms, messy hair, and are honestly winging most of motherhood.


Being a wife and mom is hard work.  You don’t need another mom pointing out every wrong thing you do.  Instead, our goal is give you the encouragement you need to keep going, to inspire you to achieve the dreams God has placed on your heart, and to empower you to have to resources to achieve those dreams.


If you don’t read the Bible or even care to read the Bible, that’s okay there are still plenty of resources and encouragement you can find here.  We believe that not only is the Bible true and helpful in our spiritual walk it is also very practical and resourceful.