Toddler Crafts

Bubble Art

Do you know what happens when you mix bubbles with food coloring?

We did this craft a couple different times with different soaps techniques.

The first way you can do this is mixing bubbles and food coloring and going outside and blowing bubbles on a canvas or paper. This method is great for toddlers because it is simple. However: know that these colorful bubbles look pretty on a blank canvas but not so pretty on my new white shirt. Lesson learned: if you want to add food coloring to bubbles wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty.

A second method can be done inside. This is the method I prefer. Mix regular bubbles with dish soap (preferably clear) then add food coloring. pour the bubbles in a bowl and use a straw to create big bubbles. Then gently lay the paper on top and peel it back. Do this again with another color until you fill up the paper. Then leave it to try. If you do this method with young toddlers make sure they understand the difference between bubbles and using the straw to drink the bubbles.

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